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How to live within your means: Part 2

And here we are for Part 2 of this blog!

In the previous blog we talked about some money tips regarding food and groceries. In this blog we will be focusing a bit on saving tips while shopping.

Buying non-essential items is still part of our budget. And if you cannot fully cut this expense, here is some tips to reduce the costs while shopping:

Practice a 30-day rule when shopping

It is the same concept of “sleeping on it” when thinking about a purchase (be it big or small) that is not considered as an essential purchase. This will also reduce the amount of impulse buying one does!

Purchase second hand items

Buying items that are second hand can save you money rather than buying something brand new. Just make sure to educate yourself when buying online.

Shop on a full stomach

I guess you weren’t expecting such a strange tip! Everything counts when you are trying to cut on expenses, and shopping on a full stomach means that you will avoid buying unnecessary edibles or take outs.

Unsubscribe from marketing emails

Avoid the additional temptations of discounted sales and any other marketing campaign by unsubscribing on the e-mail.

Use a smaller shopping cart

Another mindful tip to help you save. Smaller carts with baskets will mean that there is less space to fill up with items. You can only get the necessities and leave!

Avoid trendy fashion items

Keeping up with fashion trends can be expensive and is definitely a luxurious expense, especially when shopping at more expensive clothing outlets. Try getting creative with your current wardrobe by learning to create outfits from the items within. This will also help with closet space!

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